Why Casino Slot Sequels Make Good Business Sense

Why Casino Slot Sequels Make Good Business Sense

Sequels and prequels are big news in the movies and TV world, but what about in others areas of the entertainment industry? Casino slots are incredibly popular right now, and the developers who create them have also worked out the good business sense behind creating a series of games with the same characters.

Some Examples of the Best Slots Series  

The list of exciting online slot games on an online casino site will reveal several big franchises such as Age of the Gods and Fishin’ Frenzy. These games introduce new features into each new release while keeping the same overall theme so that all the games are familiar to anyone who has played any of them before.

We can see a different approach taken with the Rich Wilde games, where the main character goes on different adventures around the world. Examples include Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead as well as Rich Wilde and the Wandering City, while the creators introduced another character to the franchise with Cat Wilde and the Lost Chapter.

Why Does This Approach Work?

This way of working allows the developers to feel more confident that a new game will be popular because it has a link to a previous title that was successful. The Rocky series featuring Sylvester Stallone has helped to inspire this way of creating huge franchises as it has become one of the biggest movie series ever, with 2015’s Creed rated even better than the 1976 original according to this listing from Rotten Tomatoes.

An interesting and unusual aspect of the slots industry is that new features are introduced regularly. These include free spins rounds, new types of jackpots, and bonus rounds, among other things. The developers want players to find these games and try the features, but they may fear that any completely new game gets lost in the long list of other new releases on casino sites. Pirates of the Caribbean and the Fast and Furious series are two of the most popular movie series of all time, with the seventh instalment of the latter grossing over 1.2 billion GBP worldwide, but we’ll never know if any of the later films would have been as successful if they hadn’t been part of the franchise.

By introducing a fresh new feature in a game that’s part of an existing franchise, they may feel that it has more chance of catching the eye of players. A good example comes with the Fishin’ Frenzy series by Blueprint Gaming. They’ve added features like Megaways reels, Fortune Play, Prize Lines, and Fortune Spins. Yet, it’s still recognisably the same basic game in each of these versions.

What Can We Expect to See in the Future?

The success of these slot franchises should mean that we continue to see more franchises where a game that lots of people like is added to in different ways. Of course, we can expect to see new franchises appear too, as newly released slots become popular and the developers realise the potential for following them up with added features.

All of these changes mean that the slots industry keeps changing while providing a reassuring sense of familiarity for those players who have already discovered a favourite game or two. The good news is that there are no signs that repeatedly turning to the same themes is lowering the level of originality and creativity shown in these games.    

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