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A recent ‘Navigating Narratives’ report by K33 Research provided insights on how to trade altcoins. Interestingly, as part of their analysis, they highlighted Solana (not ETH) as the main focus and elaborated on why this was so. 

Why Solana Is The Main Focus

The report, written by DeFi Analyst David Zimmerman, stated that they were focusing primarily on buying SOL if there was an opportunity to buy lower. They claim the reason for this is that “SOL has solidified its place in the market as one of the market leaders.” They also expect that SOL’s outperformance of ETH will continue in this market cycle. 

Meanwhile, Zimmerman highlighted how SOL’s on-chain activity has continued to flourish and noted that the narrative of SOL being ETH’s main competitor was still intact. The Solana network has long been dubbed the “Ethereum Killer,” with the belief that the former will dethrone the latter at some point. 

Indeed, Solana has gone toe-to-toe with Ethereum in recent times, momentarily surpassing it in significant metrics. Back in December, Solana ranked above Ethereum in seven-day DEX volume for the first time in history and outperformed it in NFT trading volume during that same period. More recently, Solana’s Jupiter outranked Ethereum’s Uniswap in daily trading volume. 

Solana currently trading at $98.9700 on the daily chart:

SOL also outperformed ETH last year, with the former seeing a gain of about 1000%. Crypto analyst Santiago Santos also recently gave his opinion on Solana and Ethereum’s fight for dominance. Comparing Ethereum’s run during the ICO boom to Solana’s current run, he noted that Solana had an edge since it has “applications seeing meaningful usage and growth.” 

This happens to be one of the reasons he believes that Solana will “converge on Ethereum faster than most believe.”

What Price Levels Present Buying Opportunities For SOL

Having explained why SOL was the main focus among altcoins, the Navigating Narratives report highlighted price levels they were eyeing in case in case the market gives deeper pullbacks for SOL. These levels include the $70, $50 and $30 price range. 

However, they noted that they weren’t expecting the $30 buy order to be filled since it would require a crash like the one that happened in March 2020. This was the period when Bitcoin lost almost half of its value in a two-day plunge. Other crypto tokens also experienced similar pain then.

Meanwhile, if SOL continues to rally, K33 Research highlighted the $115 and $140 price ranges as ideal areas for selling and taking profits. 

At the time of writing, SOL is trading at around $99, up in the last 24 hours according to data from CoinMarketCap. 

Featured image from Adobe Stock, chart from TradingView


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