Windham Tech volleyball looks to secure spot in postseason play – Hartford Courant

After turning around a match against Cheney Tech on Oct. 20, the Windham Tech varsity volleyball team was in position No. 19 in Division S, with a 7-10 record.

The Mighty Tigers began the evening with a loss of the first game, and looked to be headed toward a loss in the second, with Cheney coming within points of securing a second win. However the Tigers rallied after a timeout with coach Elizabeth Scheff, coming out to score several points in a row, securing a win for game two, and ultimately winning the match by a final score of 3-2.

“I love ’em,” said Scheff. “They’re great, energetic.They have moments of absolute glory.”

Scheff said the teammates have moments where they implode upon each other, like every family, but ultimately the team works very well together. With a very large roster this year, Scheff said that she’s been seeking opportunities for freshmen members to play.

“I never want to turn away a freshman,” she said. “They could turn out to be an all-star player.”

Scheff said that she’s looking forward to next year’s team, as well, when she’ll have several rising juniors to take the place of departing seniors.

The large roster this year, “shows that the program is growing,” said Scheff.

The six seniors this year, according to their coach, each have their own strengths and are very good at respecting each other’s spot on the team.

Adriana Diaz “is one of the most energetic” team members, said Scheff. Diaz is a defensive specialist with great sportsmanship, according to her coach.

Scheff said that Alyssa Czymr captains the team, and was recently named an Athlete to Watch.

“[She] is my rock,” said Scheff. “She’s probably the most important person on the team.”

Vanessa Perry is the only senior who has only played for the coach for three years, said Scheff, noting that Perry transferred from Bolton as a sophomore. Scheff said that Perry is a “strong, dominating force in the middle and on the server line,” and is a back-up setter.

Raymarie Ortiz-Cintron is an outside hitter with wonderful energy, said Scheff.

Angelique Mercado-Rivera is the team’s libero, “and has really shined the last few games as the rock of our defense,” said Scheff.

Hannah Nuhler is “another all-around player,” said Scheff. “I don’t take her out unless she needs a rest.” Nuhler “is the person who puts herself into every play she’s a part of,” according to her coach.


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