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click to enlarge Oakley Wines, 4011 Allston St., Oakley - Photo: Provided by Oakley Wines

Photo: Provided by Oakley Wines

Oakley Wines, 4011 Allston St., Oakley

An Oakley wine bar and bottle shop is celebrating after being named one of the best wine shops in the country.

Oakley Wines was recently highlighted on Wine Enthusiast magazine’s prestigious “Best Wine Shops of 2023” list. The list features wine shops that serve as community hubs that pave the way for new kinds of wine culture.

Owners Stephanie and Dave Webster, who also founded The Rhined at Findlay Market, say their shop features a delicious and playful wine program with wines from small producers who grow and make the drink with integrity. Since the shop opened in 2018, it’s also grown into a multi-functional community space, becoming a place for gatherings, fundraisers and live music. Oakley Wines has also become a resource for wine education, hosting tastings, dinners and producer events.

“We’re so proud of the work our team has done to create a welcoming space to enjoy good wine with good food and good people,” Stephanie said in a press release.

And not only has the bottle shop grown into a community hub, it’s also helped many Cincinnati restaurateurs launch their concepts with pop-ups. David and Lydia Jackman of Wildweed, Alex Plattner of St. Francis Apizza, Brendan Hague of Bee’s Barbeque, Elaine Uykimpang Bentz and Eric Bentz of Cafe Mochiko and Jordan Anthony-Brown of The Aperture all benefited from Oakley Wines’ pop-up program. Matthew Owens of Companion, a Neapolitan-ish pizza pop-up, currently has a Sunday residency at the wine bar. He was quoted in the Wine Enthusiast article.

“We love their selection, which includes wines that can be hard to find elsewhere in Cincinnati … You can find everything from natural wines to classics and they make it all incredibly accessible and fun for everyone, from the most casual wine fan to true aficionados,” Owens said in the article. “Truly generous in spirit, they’re the shop that launched a 1000 restaurants. By opening up their shops and kitchens to burgeoning food businesses, they have irrefutably helped shape and enrich Cincinnati’s local food scene by giving dozens of now brick-and-mortar restaurants their start.”

To celebrate being included on Wine Enthusiast’s list, Oakley Wines is offering 10% off the first month of their wine club subscription if you sign up during September with the code “wineenthusiast.”

Oakley Wines, 4011 Allston St., Oakley. More info:

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