Woman baffled to find painting on Facebook marketplace that looks just like her – The Mirror

A woman saw a painting that looked just like her online, so she hunted it down and bought it, displaying it in her living room – even travelling over 600 miles away to purchase it

The portrait shows a woman with long, curly red hair and a ‘large’ forehead – and Smith knew she had to have that painting(Kennedy News/@mississippimemaw)

A mum became so convinced that a painting was her ‘doppelganger’ that she spent months hunting down the portrait so she can keep the uncanny likeness on display in her living room.

Jenny Smith was amazed when her family sent her a screenshot of a Facebook post in June showing a painting of a woman that looked ‘just like her’. The portrait shows a woman with long, curly red hair and a ‘large’ forehead – leading the 43-year-old to believe that she was looking at her ‘doppelganger’.

The mum-of-four says that she immediately knew that she ‘had to find the painting’ – only to be dismayed when she discovered that it was located more than 600 miles away in an antique shop in Spruce Pine, Mitchell County, North Carolina, US.

Jenny claims that she went on a hunt for the painting for more than a month, calling antique shops, contacting community Facebook groups, and even asking for help on TikTok.

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Jenny Smith says that the painter attended art classes and painted from live models – which means there’s someone out there that looks just like her(Kennedy News/@mississippimemaw)

However, after admitting defeat, the stay-at-home mum was surprised when she was contacted by a TikTok user who, three months later, claimed to have lived near the shop where the painting was sold. Jenny claims that the helpful shopper nabbed the painting for only $10 – and posted it to Jenny’s home in Columbia, Marion County, Mississippi, US, just days later.

The mum says that unboxing the painting was ‘freaky’ and says that it felt like she was ‘unboxing herself’. The picture now hangs in pride-of-place in Jenny’s living room – where the art enthusiast says that viewers have remarked on the similarities between herself and the woman in the painting.


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