Apple iPhone 15 Pro users complain about overheating

Some of the first owners of Apple Inc.’s iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are complaining that the new devices get too hot during use or while charging, a potential setback for the company’s flagship product.

The gripes have spread across Apple online forums and social media networks, including Reddit and X. Customers say that the back or side of the phone becomes hot to the touch while gaming or when conducting a phone call or FaceTime video chat. For some users, the issue is more prominent while the device is plugged in to charge.

Apple technical support staffers have been fielding calls about the issue as well. They’ve referred customers to an old support article on how to handle an iPhone that feels too hot or cold. A representative for Cupertino, California-based Apple didn’t respond to a request for comment. The iPhone accounts for about half of Apple’s revenue, and new models are closely scrutinized for any potential flaws.

Having devices get warm is not an unusual phenomenon, especially given the supercharged processors that power modern gadgets.

Several people have posted videos of them checking the phone’s temperature with a thermometer. “iPhone 15 Pro Max gets really hot easily,” according to one post. “I’m just browsing social media, and it’s burning up.” Another said that the device got hot enough to be felt through a carrying case.


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