The Best Tech for Gaming

The Best Tech for Gaming

Whether it’s through development, play or other elements of gaming, technology drives gaming. Innovations in hardware and software are transforming the gaming experience and taking it to a whole new level, which will suit gamers, who are constantly craving better and better experiences. They want high-quality graphics, smooth gameplay and as immersive a gaming experience as possible. Solid tech is necessary for this.

Without tech, the gaming industry just wouldn’t be as exciting as it is today, supposing it would even exist at all. When it comes to gaming, there are some excellent pieces of equipment a gamer should invest in or, at the very least, consider investing in to maintain a high level of enjoyment in their gaming. Below is a look at some of these items.

Gaming PC

On a standard PC, you can perform lots of tasks, but gaming PCs are specially designed to perform exceptionally for gaming. The computer is powerful, and you can push it as far as it will go without overheating it. The gameplay is smoother, the graphics are better and the overall experience is much better than on a standard PC. This is especially necessary when you’re playing casino games online at a casino site such as Bally’s Casino UK, who are looking to recreate the physical casino experience as closely as possible. Any tech that adds to the experience is welcome.

Some of these computers, if not many of them, are already virtual reality (VR) ready. You can also upgrade the computers by adding more memory or a new graphics card so that your computer remains at the cutting edge of gaming. One computer that might interest you is the MSI MEG Trident x2 gaming PC, which boosts 128 GB DDR5 RAM for players to enjoy greater bandwidth and faster processing. The powerful cooling system helps all the different components to keep running smoothly.


A good monitor might be expensive, but it’s important for a good gaming experience. Gradually, gaming monitors that are specially designed to make the output of the graphics card and computer processing unit look the best it possibly can, have started to enter the industry. A larger screen size, combined with a high(er) resolution, allows you to enjoy more usable screen space and a more immersive gaming experience. Players often sit close to their monitors, so the screens tend to fill more vision than a high-definition TV (HDTV) or a smartphone or a tablet.

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 is a reliable monitor for gaming. Buy this and you receive ultra-high definition, a 57 inch monitor that offers 7,680 x 2,160 resolution. All this, plus a speedy refresh rate, makes this a serious piece of equipment that will delight gamers.


A good controller provides not just comfort and convenience while gaming, but also immersion. Invest in a premium controller and you’ll be playing on a pad that’s a cut above average. Premium and pro controllers are for serious gamers and offer features such as swappable parts, adjustable trigger depth, customisable button inputs and a suite of back paddles that sit comfortably on your fingertips.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 is one controller to consider and a typical example of what you might expect from a premium controller. The pads are textured to stop your fingers from slipping. The D-pad is enhanced considerably with diagonal inputs. The four back paddles make secondary button inputs possible. The buttons and triggers are of higher quality, and the Toggle switches on the back allow you to set the depth of the triggers. Compare this controller to a standard wireless Xbox controller and you’ll immediately notice the difference.

Gaming Keyboard

Your keyboard can help you or hinder you when playing games such as first-person shooters and even massive multiplayer online (MMO) games. Comfort and precision are the main aspects to consider when choosing one. Visual appeal may also be important to you. The ROG Azoth is a stellar gaming keyboard that incorporates a lot of the functions of a high-end mechanical keyboard into it, but also seeks to provide the customisable options and speed you need for gaming. It’s more than just a keyboard with swappable switches.

VR Headset

VR is becoming more common in gaming now, so a VR headset is necessary if you’re heavily into gaming. The HTC VIve XR Elite is the headset of the moment and features 128 GB of storage, 12 GB of RAM and 1,920 x 10,920 per-eye resolution. It’s a standalone headset that offers crisp, immersive sound and two hours of continuous gaming. It’s hot swappable as well, so no need to turn it off in the middle of gaming to replace or add a component.

Good tech is essential for a good gaming experience. Other vital pieces of equipment you should have include a reliable TV, if you have a gaming console, and a decent mouse.

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