How Data Centres are Changing to Keep Up with Demand

How Data Centres are Changing to Keep Up with Demand

There are constantly new technological developments put in place in data centres, with the aim of improving efficiency, lowering costs, becoming more environmentally friendly and, of course, protecting servers to the highest degree possible. So, let’s dig a little bit deeper just how data centre design and specification is changing to keep up with increasing global demand…

Challenges and trends with regards to data centre cooling

One of the main challenges faced in the data centre industry today is the fact that power density is increasing and it is becoming unpredictable at the same time. The industry projections definitely indicate that there is a great level of uncertainty when it comes to power density requirements. Nevertheless, new data centres have a duty to match these requirements for at least ten years. This again showcases a huge problem because IT changes year on year and therefore so will the power usage. What this demonstrates is that there is an essential need for adaptable system designs that can be altered in order to cool high-density racks that could be isolated cases.

In addition to this, there is also the issue that data centres have to adapt to ever-changing requirements. Because of the fact that loads are constantly changing it makes it very difficult to know if your cooling system is sufficient enough or whether it needs to be changed. In turn, this means that the next cooling system requirements must result in a system whereby you can cool a new load with quickness and ease. You won’t have to embark on extensive and complicated planning and construction.

What other challenges are indicating essential cooling requirements for the next generation of data centres? Well, there is the issue of air mixing. At present, there is the problem that exhaust air and supply air end up mixing and thus the return air temperature to the CRAC unit is lowered whilst the supply air temperature to the IT equipment is raised. The only way data centres can combat this at present is by setting the CRAC units to provide extremely cold air. But this leads to a further problem in the form of bad cooling performance. This showcases that the next generation of data centres need to offer systems whereby the mixing of supply air and exhaust air at the IT equipment is minimised.

And finally, the last issue to take into account is the fact that it is very hard to optimise capital investment and available space because the system requirements are very tough to predict and this results in the system often being bigger than necessary. This showcases that there is a need for modular systems that actually grow with the requirement of the data centre.

Green data centres and energy monitoring tools

We have also noticed a number of different changes and trends with regards to energy consumption in data centres. Typically, a data centre will use a large amount of energy. However, data centre design firms are looking for ways to lower this. This includes blocking off all rack space that is not being used, as well as increasing the efficiency of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) systems.

Finally, it is advisable to make the most of the tools that are available for energy monitoring. How are you going to know how your data centre is performing in terms of energy use if you don’t have any idea regarding the quantity of energy you are utilising? These tools are highly beneficial, determining where you can be more energy efficient and where energy is being wasted.

So there you have it; some of the main trends and challenges when it comes to data centres today. Were you aware of the complexities that data centre managers have to face, or has this come as somewhat of a surprise?

How Promotional Bags offer Unlimited Advertising?

Promotional Bags offer Unlimited Advertising

Promotional products are one of the best and most cost-effective means of reaching out to the target audience. Starting from startups to big business houses, global players resort to distributing promotional items as a marketing strategy. 

With the proper planning and careful execution, you can reach out to your audience through the Global Merchandise Store and distribute any items.

Benefits of promotional goods

Enhance brand recognition

Brand recognition denotes that the customers can recognize your company and the products and services looking at your logo or some advertisement. It refers to familiarizing yourself with your audience and creating your image in their mind.

When you distribute promotional goods, you help customers to remember and recognize your business. Customers use the promotional products for at least six months and when they keep them in their homes and offices or cars etc. they promote your company unknowingly. Every time they use your products or looks at it, they get reminded about your company and its services. According to a research, approximately six out of ten people can recall the advertiser of promotional items that they have received in the last two years.

Cost-effective marketing

Advertising campaigns have a broad reach but are incredibly costly. So, it is beyond the capacity of many small enterprises, and they cannot invest in an overpowering advertising campaign of a large scale, spread across different media. But using promotional goods, they can reach to their audience and beyond in a cost-effective manner with the various low-cost promotional items.

As promotional goods are produced in large numbers, their production cost is meager. Thus the manufactures can also sell these at a cheap rate. Specifically, products like promotional bags have a broad reach and can be manufactured at a low cost. Every time a customer carries the bag, not only he remembers your company, but he also does an advertisement for it.

Customer loyalty and retention

Marketers are ready to spend extra on gaining customer’s loyalty, and promotional merchandise help to energize customer loyalty within a short span.

However, it is essential to ensure that make sure that your promotional goods are of superior quality and most preferably branded. People associate the quality of gift items with the quality of your business and products. So, it is imperative that to build a good image of your company and your brand, your gifts are good. And it is one of the fastest mean to convert a first time user into a loyal customer.

Your gift items form a crucial part of the promotional campaign. So, they should be innovative and well planned to have a more significant impact on the customers.

Create an everlasting impression

It is right that ‘the first impression is the last impression.’ So, when you give good quality promotional gifts to your audience with a brand name on it – you create a long-lasting positive impression in the users’ mind. And every time they see your advertisement, or anything related to your product, they recall your business. Nowadays, many business houses are using promotional merchandises as their business cards. Instead of wasting paper, they imprint their company’s logo and a tagline or contact details on the gifts.

But, be very careful because if you mar it in the first chance with some poor quality gifts, or improper timing, or incorrect channel of distribution, in most probable case you will never get them as your customers.

Helps in sales and lead generation

Suppose you carry a jute bag to a local market with a catchy message and the company’s logo. At least a few people will look at it, and some with whom you speak might also ask from where you got it. So, imagine if your company’s logo is on that bag, you will reach out to how many prospective customers through just one bag?

Promotional items are not just a marketing tool, but they are lead generators. They have long lasting impressions on customers, help in attracting new customers, and thus increasing the ROI on these items is easy.

Suparatana Bencharongkul is Spreading the Word on Greentech and Lifestyle Through Social Media

Suparatana Bencharongkul
Suparatana Bencharongkul. (Photo: Instagram)

Her warm and confident smile has been winning hearts and followers all over Thailand, while her intelligent efforts and innovations have helped farmers improve their yields, across the country. Suparatana Bencharongkul, daughter of Thai telecom tycoon Boonchai Bencharongkul has been taking over the agriculture scene in Thailand like a storm. Under her guidance, as General Manager of Rakbankerd, a subsidiary of her family-owned Benchachinda Group, Bencharongkul has introduced various technological innovations to farming to make it a more profitable profession for farmers in Thailand.

Along with her team of agriculture specialists and tech experts, Bencharongkul has launched a number of applications like Farmer Info Application, Sabuymarket, Allbio, Farmmanyam, Fulfield,and other Rakbankerd products, all of which are designed to help farmers increase their yields, access open data on yields and supply prices to ensure profitable returns on their produce.

Not only has Benchanrongkul, known to most as Nina, made agriculture a profitable profession among farmers, but she has also made it a “cool” concept among the millennials and the generation Z by posting pictures and sharing her agritech experiences with her followers over social media.

The agritech pioneer and icon of Thailand uses a beautiful medley of pictures and stories to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of agriculture in Thailand but also as an industry as a whole.

During a recent Forbes interview, Bencharonkul mentioned how, when she was younger, her father would tell her that the farmer had the most vital job in the world; the job of feeding the world. This thought left a lasting impact on her, who would then grow up to introduce agritech to the industry to help boost it further. With access to the telecommunications industry and her keen understanding of agriculture, Benchanrongkul created applications and products that would help farmers learn more about better and more efficient ways of farming.

Thailand welcomes agritech with open arms

Introducing technology to a traditional occupation which has been there since centuries is a difficult task. Farmers have handed down the learnings of traditional farming for generations. Introducing something as advanced as agritech was definitely a difficult goal to achieve. However, through her persistence and tools that truly fetched results, Bencharongkul won the confidence of farmers across Thailand, who now use the applications and other Rakbankerd products to improve their yield and manage their resources like chemicals, water, fertilizers, and tools, better.

Through technologies such as data collection using robotics and drones and predictive analyses, Rakbankerd applications and products have also helped farmers reduce their carbon footprint and mitigate risks.

However, agritech is not the only tech that Bencharongkul is known for. Her attractive social media presence has served as an inspiration for the youth of Thailand, who views her as a lifestyle icon and influencer. Her Instagram handle @nina_neungb features thousands of posts through which Benchanrongkul reaches out to her followers and shares with them her life and work. She is among the earliest adopters of social media in Thailand. She has effectively used social media as a platform to spread awareness about agriculture, agritech, lifestyle, and wellness. Her image of a confident young businessperson inspires millions who through her have learned the importance of healthy and purposeful living. 

Benchanrongkul’s social media pages also feature agricultural yields in attractive packaging, which is a great way to attract the attention of the young generation to the topic of fresh and organic return and the health benefits of the same.

This young and determined entrepreneur is not only creating ripples in the agricultural industry but also spreading awareness about it among the youth of the country.