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Neil Phelan, Dan Hegarty, Sean Hegarty, HCS

New level of expertise provides comprehensive support


Neil Phelan, Dan Hegarty, Sean Hegarty, HCS

In association with Fortinet

In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber security, strategic partnerships play a pivotal role in fortifying digital defences. One such alliance that stands out is the dynamic collaboration between HCS and Exertis, two industry leaders, now united in the shared mission of delivering robust Fortinet solutions. What began at select partner level for HCS has evolved into a formidable synergy, with HCS ascending to the prestigious expert level.

The journey to expert level

HCS embarked on its journey with Fortinet as a select partner, demonstrating an early commitment to providing cutting-edge cyber security solutions. Over time, their dedication, expertise, and unwavering focus on customer satisfaction propelled them through the ranks. Today, as an Expert level partner, HCS stands at the forefront of delivering advanced security solutions powered by Fortinet.



Exertis, recognising excellence

Exertis, a leading distributor of technology products and services, recognised the exceptional capabilities of HCS in the cyber security domain. Their decision to align with HCS to promote Fortinet solutions speaks volumes about the trust and confidence they place in HCS’s ability to deliver value and innovation to clients.

Benefits of the partnership

The collaboration between HCS and Exertis brings forth a multitude of benefits for businesses seeking top-notch cyber security solutions.

With HCS attaining expert level partner status, clients can be assured of receiving the highest level of expertise in Fortinet solutions. From implementation to ongoing support, HCS brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Their ascent to expert level partner status signifies their ability to provide tailored solutions for industries with unique cybersecurity requirements. They are truly an ‘expert in your corner’.
Fortinet is renowned for its comprehensive suite of cyber security products and solutions. Through this partnership, clients gain access to a wide range of solutions tailored to meet the diverse and evolving challenges of the digital landscape.

Exertis, as a leading distributor, ensures that Fortinet solutions are readily available to businesses across various sectors. This efficient distribution network ensures that organisations can quickly and seamlessly integrate Fortinet’s cutting-edge security solutions into their infrastructure.

The collaboration between HCS and Exertis in promoting Fortinet solutions marks a significant stride in the realm of cyber security. IT resellers now have the opportunity to leverage the combined expertise of Fortinet and the efficient distribution channels of Exertis to fortify their digital defences. Together, Exertis and Fortinet are not just partners; they are architects of a secure digital future.

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