How businesses can unlock the edge advantage – TechRadar

Enterprises are increasingly distributed — from the digital architecture they rely on, to the human workforce that powers their business daily. Across industries, this change has altered where data is generated, collected, delivered and consumed. And as factories increase their reliance on robotics, vehicles become autonomous, and the number of devices on the grid increases, there is a greater need for localised computer processing power managing large language models (LLM) for Gen AI with near-instantaneous response times.

This is where edge computing comes in. Placing processing power at the edge of the enterprise network, edge computing enhances a wide range of use cases, such as mobile robotics, autonomous machines, AR, remote management, and predictive maintenance, to revolutionize processes in multiple industries. Manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and healthcare organizations are the current leaders in edge adoption with a particular focus on applications in employee safety, experience, and operational efficiency.


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