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The Office of Management and Enterprise Services has coordinated with approved vendors to implement the leasing solution for state computers. State agencies are required to procure approved software, hardware and accessories directly from these approved vendors. The benefits of this are knowing these devices will work in our technology environment, meet state architecture and security requirements and be supportable by OMES complying with the IT Consolidation and Coordination Act (62 OS § 62-35.1 (link opens in new window).

Standard Computer, Laptop & Tablet Configurations

View the OMES COW for pricing, configuration and available accessories for state standard computers, laptops and tablets.

Effective date of July 1, 2021.

Note: Leases are for 36 months.

Need to just order accessories? Contact your agency CPO to order on Dell.

Need to order a different workstation than the standard? For any special configuration, please complete the Lease Exemption Form (access required, opens in new window). The system notifies the submitter of approval/denial. If approved for exemption, please attach to the requisition for support justification. Contact the OMES Service Desk for more information.


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