How to defog your car windshield on hot, humid summer days –


The heat is here in North Jersey and besides being protected from the sun, it is important to understand how the humidity can affect other aspects of our lives. Humid air can fog up your car windshields so experts from car and insurance companies weigh in as to what is the best way to prevent and stop the fogging.

Fog appears on a vehicle’s windshield when the temperature and moisture level outside are greater than that in your vehicle. This will cause moisture to condense in the exterior of the glass, said a report offered by the Allstate insurance company.

Of course, you do not want to drive on the road while your car’s windshield has too much fog and is blocking your view of the road. A few experts weigh in on how to efficiently defog your windshield on a hot and humid day.

How to defog on a humid day

On a hot summer day you might rush to blast the air conditioning in your vehicle to cool off but experts say that will not be effective when trying to defog the vehicle.

In order to defog your car, the goal is to change the temperature on the inside of your car to closely match the outside temperature.

Allstate says to lower your AC, without making it too uncomfortable, to the least cold setting. As soon as the fog disappears, you may decrease the temperature as you depart to your destination.

Another helpful tip offered by AAA Northeast is to use your windshield wipers to get rid of the humid fog. By spraying the water into your windshield and using the blades to wipe the liquid off, the condensation will be eliminated.

It can also be a good idea to clean your windshields regularly to insure they do not fog so easily, said AAA Northeast Spokesman Robert Sinclair Jr. in an online report. He adds fog has a harder time forming on a clean surface and it forms more easily on a dirty surface.

It is important to note that both AAA Northeast and Allstate say that you must do the opposite actions when defogging your car in cold temperature. The driver should use cool air to lower the temperature of the glass. This can be done through blowing cold air out of the defroster, turning on the air conditioner or slightly opening the car windows.

As the humidity stays in New Jersey all summer, use these tips to stay safe while also trying to stay cool.


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