Report Reveals: Facebooks Sensitive Policy Blocks Climate Change Story Ads – News24

According to a report from, Facebook, owned by Meta Platforms, refused to run advertisements promoting stories about climate change due to its policy on ‘sensitive’ topics, as detailed in New Zealand Geographic magazine.

According to the report, James Frankham, the publisher of New Zealand Geographic, expressed concern that the Facebook algorithm was hindering important journalism from reaching new readers.

He mentioned that it was difficult to ascertain the exact reasons why certain posts were rejected.

The report noted Frankham’s observation that changes in Meta’s algorithm had led to the necessity of paying to achieve any visibility for links to the magazine’s journalism.

Additionally, the report highlighted Facebook’s policy requiring authorization for advertisements related to sensitive, political, or social issues. This policy includes topics like gun control and discussions or advocacy concerning climate change.

Describing the Facebook algorithm as a ‘black box,’ Frankham commented, ‘You can’t simply call 0800 Facebook and speak to somebody.’

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According to Meta Platforms’ policy for New Zealand posted on its website, ‘Advertisements related to environmental politics, which involve discussion, debate, or advocacy for or against issues such as climate change and gas extraction, are subject to review and enforcement.’

These policies vary from country to country.

As reported by RNZ, media commentators noted that New Zealand Geographic magazine was not the only entity experiencing restrictions on its journalism by Facebook, as Meta had ceased sharing news links.

Colin Peacock of RNZ’s Mediawatch remarked, ‘Facebook is a private company and can establish its own policies, but in this instance, it has made an error.’

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