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Just In: Bitcoin Dogs Announces World's First Ever ICO on the Bitcoin Blockchain – Bankless Times

As Bitcoin hits the news headlines again, a groundbreaking development is just about to add to the bullish market outlook. A new project set to unveil the first-ever ICO on the Bitcoin blockchain is here.

A press release on Friday says the Bitcoin Dogs ($0DOG) presale will launch next week, bringing the world’s first BRC-20 token presale to the Bitcoin community.

The project’s launch coincides with BTC price spiking above $46k as bulls target a pre-halving rally that could lay the groundwork for a post-halving explosion.

It also comes amid the resurgence of Bitcoin ordinal inscriptions, which first landed on the Bitcoin blockchain in January 2021. Since software engineer Casey Rodarmor’s first ever implementation, a slew of NFT related tokens have entered the ecosystem. However, none has offered a unique dog-themed BRC-20 presale before.

As the broader NFTs market gets a fresh injection of activity, and Bitcoin prepares for what could be an epic bull run in coming months, it appears market conditions are ripe for $0DOG to make an entry.

What is Bitcoin Dogs?

Bitcoin Dogs is a new crypto token that brings the best of crypto opportunities in the NFT and gaming ecosystem to the Bitcoin community. With the dog as man’s best friend, this project seeks to draw on the love that Bitcoin has amassed and the growth possible within the digital playground.

$0DOG is the utility token that will power transactions and rewards within the Bitcoin Dogs ecosystem.

Apart from the $0DOG token, other key components of Bitcoin Dogs will include an NFT collection on Ordinals, a game and the Bitcoin Dogs community club.

These are features that the team behind Bitcoin Dogs says align into the project’s mission to extend the OG blockchain’s legacy. The goal is to bring the world of gaming and NFTs to the community.

For crypto lovers that may have missed the NFT and gaming opportunities that heralded the likes of Cryptopunks, BAYC, Axie Infinity and Tamagotchi, this could be it.

Featuring virtual dogs, Bitcoin Dogs will see $0DOG holders train, care and feed their pets – all within a refreshing gaming environment teeming with the friendliness of man’s canine companion.

With social interactions, kennel upgrades and a vibrant NFT collection, Bitcoin Dogs’ Tamagochi-inspired platform looks set to hit the ground running. This crypto’s era of the $0DOG begins with the presale, which according to today’s announcement, will last only 30 days.

In terms of the first investment of its kind to early adopters, holding the $0DOG token will see one able to trade, collect, and earn rewards from their virtual dog-themed assets.

When is the Bitcoin Dogs presale?

Bitcoin Dogs will have a total supply of 900 million $0DOG tokens, a number that reflects the estimated global dog population of around 900 million today. Get the full tokenomics here.

This presale will see the entire $0DOG token supply minted on BRC-20. In keeping in line with the pioneering ICO, early adopters will have a chance to purchase $0DOG tokens using ERC-20 coins, but submit their Bitcoin wallet addresses that will receive the $0DOG coins after the presale.

According to details in the project’s whitepaper, 810 million tokens will be up for grabs when the Bitcoin Dogs presale goes live on Wednesday, February 14, 2024.

As part of the tokenomics, Bitcoin Dogs will burn any $0DOG tokens not sold during the presale. There’s more information about the project on the official Bitcoin Dogs socials. The X account is here.


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