Stolen cars worth £1million including Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin & Mercedes found hidden away in garage after raid

A car is stolen in the UK every eight minutes, according to the latest figures from the DVLA, with 64,087 vehicles reported stolen in 2023.

Here are a number of ways you can reduce the chance of your car being nicked.

Think about where you park the car

Try and choose the safest place possible to leave your vehicle – well-lit places are an immediate deterrent while a car park that has CCTV security cameras will help put off criminals. 

Parking when you get home is also important. If your driveway is visible from the road, then it may attract crooks more easily.

Where you put your keys is important

It might sound obvious, but you should always remember to lock and secure your car. 

Never be tempted to leave it idling – such as when defrosting it on a cold winter’s morning, because that’s exactly when opportunist thieves will act.

Never put your keys somewhere that’s easily in sight, and try and put them as far away from the car as possible.

Faraday pouch for keyless cars

If you have a car with keyless tech, then the best advice is to invest in a faraday pouch or box. 

Available from around £5, you can put your keys inside and then seal the pouch or box, which should stop crooks connecting with any ‘keyless’ signals and gaining access to the vehicle.

Invest in a steering lock

An obvious physical deterrent is another great idea to help keep your vehicle safer and one of the best is a steering lock. 

They were frequently in use a few decades ago, but in an age of keyless cars, they’ve made a comeback.

Install ‘ghost’ immobilisers and trackers

All new cars these days have an immobiliser, but did you know you can add another step by fitting a ‘ghost’ immobiliser? 

This is where a certain button or number sequence needs to be entered before the car will start. 

It means that even if someone has your keys, they won’t be able to start the vehicle without knowing the pin code.

Take out any valuables

One of the easiest steps you can take to prevent your car from attracting thieves is to take out any valuables that may be on show. 

It’s worth putting any bags or boxes (even if inexpensive items) into the boot or at least out of sight. 

Never put yourself in danger

There’s one thing you should never do, and that’s put yourself in danger. 

Some car thieves will be part of large organised crime networks, and will not stop at using violence in order to take your car. 

Putting yourself in harm’s way is just not worth the risk.


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