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A two-day highly anticipated conference showcased a plethora of University of Guam student accomplishments and initiatives in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, STEM.

The 4th Annual UOG STEM Conference, held at the UOG Calvo Field House on March 29 and 30, brought together future scientists, students, educators and guests.

“From student poster presentations reflecting extensive research endeavors to inviting STEM-related student organizations to spotlight their contributions, the conference serves as a platform for students to showcase and promote their achievements,” according to Nathan Paz, a fourth-year biology major at UOG and a key volunteer for the conference and its budgeting.

The event was organized by various student organizations from the College of Natural and Applied Sciences, with leadership from Nico Valencia, a UOG CNAS student.

Jazmin Samonte, a fourth-year chemistry-biology dual degree student at UOG and media co-chair for the conference, shed light on the interactive elements designed to engage attendees.

“From live sessions with STEM organizations to keynote presentations by university professors, the conference offered a dynamic platform for networking and learning,” Samonte said.

Workshops, including a LaTeX software tutorial hosted by EMC%5E2, further enhanced participants’ skills and knowledge, she said.

Samonte also emphasized the pivotal role of student-led presentations in challenging stereotypes and inspiring future generations of STEM enthusiasts.

“By showcasing the achievements of fellow students, we debunk misconceptions and instill confidence in aspiring researchers and professionals,” she added.

The conference, which welcomed college and high school students alike, featured a diverse array of topics over its two-day program.

Day one sessions delved into themes such as building career pathways in medicine, sustainable environmental practices, and marine biology’s importance in Guam’s ecosystem.

Day two continued with discussions on biocultural diversity, public health research, waste management strategies, and more.

UOG President Anita Borja Enriquez delivered opening remarks on both days, emphasizing the institution’s commitment to fostering STEM education and providing numerous scholarship opportunities for aspiring scholars.

Enriquez underscored the importance of seeking out opportunities beyond academic endeavors and encouraged students to explore the various avenues available through UOG and its partners.

With the successful conclusion of the 4th Annual UOG STEM Conference, the university looks ahead to future cohorts and continued efforts in promoting STEM education and innovation in the region.

Thelma Rogers is a freelance reporter and a communication student at the University of Guam.


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