What Are the Consequences of Getting T-Boned at 40 MPH?

What Are the Consequences of Getting T-Boned at 40 MPH?

Did you know that getting hit by a car at 40 mph will likely kill you? It’s true!

Whether it be severe brain trauma or internal bleeding, you’re likely not making it out in one piece unless you have some sort of protective gear on.

While that may be the most severe consequence of getting “t-boned” at 40 mph, you don’t want to know the full extent of what could happen to you.

Continue reading to learn about getting T-Boned at 40 MPH and the consequences that may befall you if you ever find yourself in such a situation!

Physical Injury

A T-boning situation is when a driver strikes another car on the side, while the other car is perpendicular to it. Due to the sheer speed of 40 mph, the bodies of vehicles are unable to absorb all the forces resulting from a crash.

The driver and occupants of the vehicle are also not protected from the crash and may incur serious injuries such as whiplash, spinal cord injury, and other physical traumas. This is why physical injury is a consequence of getting T-boned: the human body and the physical structure of the vehicle cannot handle the intense force from the T-bone car accident.

Extensive Damage to Both Vehicles

At 40MPH, the forces involved are strong enough to crumple metal, tear apart suspension components, smash windows, and cause the airbags to deploy. While modern vehicles are designed to absorb some of the force of the impact, the severity of the damage will always be greater than it would be in a low-speed collision.

Emotional Distress and Trauma

It can lead to feelings of terror, helplessness, shock, and fear. Not only can it cause physical injuries, but it can also cause psychological trauma.

The trauma inflicted can cause a person to experience vivid and intrusive memories of the traumatic event, leaving them feeling constantly on edge, anxious, and overwhelmed. It can even lead to long-term symptoms such as nightmares, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Financial Repercussions

Negligent driving can quickly lead to hefty repair bills and medical bills. Depending on the insurance and the person at fault for the accident, an individual may be on the hook for some or all of the financial burden. This means more financial hardships for the victim of the accident.

In addition, if the individual can not afford their portion of the legal fees to settle the dispute with the insurance company, the individual may be facing even more financial stress. It means that you’ll have to get legal help from experts like these Auto accident lawyers in Arizona.

Avoid Getting T-Boned at 40 Mph Today

The consequences of getting T-boned at 40 mph can be severe, even deadly. Everyone has the responsibility to be cautious and drive in a safe manner to someone else’s well-being and life.

Always be vigilant when driving and remember that by following safety guidelines you can greatly reduce the chances of such accidents from occurring. Drive safely and be aware to make all our journeys as safe as possible for us and others.

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