A Day Trip from Gatwick Airport: How to Explore the Nearby Attractions and Have Fun

A Day Trip from Gatwick Airport: How to Explore the Nearby Attractions and Have Fun

Everyone knows that London is the area in England that receives the greatest number of visitors for either business or pleasure. Although the English capital is full of vitality, beauty, and culture, it is not the sole place that deserves attention and is capable of exciting visitors. If you are about to visit that part of the United Kingdom, allow yourself a unique adventure by starting a day trip from Gatwick Airport. Most people can’t even imagine the natural and cultural wonders that lie there.

Gatwick Airport Parking

Some people get stressed by the mere thought of being separated by their car or paying too much for a parking space. Any cause of concern is dispelled by the diverse parking options available at Gatwick Airport, catering to everyone. By visiting, it becomes extremely easy for people to spot the airport car park that accommodates their car’s, and consequently their own, needs at the best prices. Whether you are looking for premium or economical parking, for long or short stay, people are provided with all the necessary information, such as prices, distance from terminals, transfer options, and customer ratings, to make the right parking decision for their car and their bank account.

Getting around Gatwick Airport

Before we start mentioning all the attractions near Gatwick Airport, we should let you know how to approach them. There are buses and trains that connect the airport with major areas in the vicinity, including London. Another popular means of transport available at Gatwick Airport is taxis or private transfers. These are more expensive options, but the time-saving and comfort-ensuring characteristics make it a well worth expense for a lot of people. Individuals with mobility or other issues are encouraged to contact Gatwick Airport in advance. The appropriate airport team will then take all the necessary steps, ensuring a smooth travel experience.

Attractions near Gatwick Airport to Explore

Let us give you an idea of the brilliant historic and natural attractions that await you near Gatwick Airport.

Winston Churchill’s Chartwell

The imposing country house located about 24 kilometres northwest of Gatwick Airport is Chartwell. This was the family home of the eminent British politician Winston Churchill. The rooms have been preserved just as the Churchill family left them.

South Downs National Park

Outdoor enthusiasts can spend their free time hiking, cycling, or admiring the greenery of the English countryside at the South Downs National Park.


Brighton is a popular getaway destination for Londoners. It is a peaceful city at the seafront. Upon covering the 45 kilometres that separate Gatwick Airport from Brighton, you should visit the Royal Pavilion, stroll at the Brighton Palace Pier, and ascend the remarkable British Airways i360 Viewing Tower.

It is never too late to discover the hidden gems of the South of England by planning a fun day trip from Gatwick Airport.

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