Hire Work-at-Height and Access Equipment from the Scaffolding Experts at Boels

Hire Work-at-Height and Access Equipment from the Scaffolding Experts at Boels

For executing building façade, roofing or elevated projects safely and efficiently, having the right ladders and scaffolding makes all the difference. As scaffolding and access specialists, Boels supplies all essential height access gear for hire and simplifies logistics.

The National Scaffolding and Access Expert

With over four decades of experience meeting diverse jobsite needs, Boels leads the UK rental market across all work at height and scaffold tower hire and equipment categories.

Extensive Nationwide Inventory 

Boels maintains a vast fleet of ladders, powered access platforms, hoists, rigging, and scaffold components ready to dispatch across 150+ UK locations.

Hassle-Free End-to-End Service

One call or click handles delivery, assembly, alterations, dismantling and collection when projects wrap up. No headaches securing multiple vendors.

Ladder Rental Options

A wide range of trade and industrial ladders includes extension, workstand, platform, trestle, podium, and more for all access needs. Get the high quality ladder hire at Boels.

Scaffold Tower and Access Advantages

Prefab modular towers form custom access structures on demand. Hoists and material lifts efficiently raise tools and supplies overhead.

Safety Training Included

Boels conducts accredited operator and work-at-height training so personnel utilize equipment properly to maximize safe productivity.

Renting For Any Duration

Rent gear by the day for simple needs or longer term for complex projects. Avoid acquiring assets at your own expense.

Online Booking Simplicity

An intuitive website displays real-time availability by location so reserving nearby inventory takes just minutes online.

When productively tackling elevated tasks demands proper equipment, rely on the access and scaffolding rental leader to supply and support the ideal setup specific to your jobscope. Keep projects moving forward efficiently and cautiously with Boels.

Top Scaffolding Towers for Hire

Common scaffold towers available to rent from Boels include:

  • Rolling Towers: Easily repositionable to move access point around a site.
  • Double Width Towers: Provide generous standing room for two workers and supplies.
  • Adjustable Towers: Telescope to different heights and feature side extensions.
  • Weatherproof Towers: Come with water resistant covers to allow exterior access in the elements.
  • Cantilever Towers: Outrigger sections allow spanning obstacles or gaps.
  • Low Level Towers: Ideal for low-slope roof access and exterior maintenance needs. 
  • Aluminum Towers: Lightweight yet rugged aluminum makes relocation easier.
  • Shoring Towers: Support existing structures during ceiling height restoration work.

Partnering with the scaffolding and access pros at Boels ensures having the right gear to take on elevated projects in your sector productively and safely.

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